What languages does Buglog support?

You can change the language in the project configuration in Widget. Currently the feedback form supports the following languages:

Contact us if your language is not on the list and you would like to add it.

Can I change what Widget looks like?

You can change the main color, position as well as choose dark or light appearance. We can also change the feedback form design to your own, however, this option is only available for Business Plan users.

How can I integrate Widget into my website?

After the project has been created, in its settings you will find the code that needs to be placed on your website. Place it on the pages you want to see the feedback form on.

I added the code onto my website, but I still can’t see the feedback form.

You need to make sure that the website domain you input when creating the project is the same as your website actual domain.

Screenshot or video recording options are not shown in Widget although they are activated.

If you have activated one of these options, but it is not shown, it means the device you are using does not support it. Screenshot and video recording are supported in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers on desktop computers.

At the moment using these options on mobile devices is not supported. However, you can use external software of your device to take a screenshot or record a video and upload them using the file upload function.

Can a bug be edited after it has been created? Can a comment be added to a bug?

Buglog has not been developed as a project management system or bug tracking system, which is why such functions are unavailable. Instead, Buglog is integrated with such tools as Jira, GitLab, Slack or Asana.

Please, contact us if you want to integrate Buglog with other tools.

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